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We’re always told Tennessee is a low tax state, but in reality, it is only a low tax state for big corporations, it is a high tax state for families. Our families pay among the highest sales tax in the country and we’re one of only 13 states that taxes groceries.

Meanwhile, recent reporting revealed that 60% of businesses filing in Tennessee pay ZERO in the state corporate income tax, and that was before another massive business tax cut passed last year. More than 25% of businesses that report over $1 Billion in federal taxable income pay ZERO in our state.

While companies make record profits year after year, the burden for paying for schools, infrastructure and public safety increasingly falls on the backs of working families. In fact, Tennessee is one of the most regressive tax states in the country, with the bottom 20% of income earners paying more than 10% of their income in taxes and the top 5% of income earners paying less than 5%.

Rep. Aftyn Behn and Sen. Charlane Oliver have announced they will file a bill to end the grocery tax by closing tax loopholes and making corporations pay what they owe. Ending the grocery tax will provide much needed relief to Tennessee families. Add your name to show your support!