What is Tennessee Young Democrats?

●  We seek to inspire lifelong civic engagement among young people and further our values by increasing the number of young Democrats voting, running for office (and winning), leading campaigns, and building policies reflective of Democratic values.

●  We are the Tennessee affiliate of Young Democrats of America (YDA), and our membership includes Democrats ages 13-35. All ages are welcome and encouraged to participate in programming!

●  We work closely with but are a separate organization from the Tennessee Democratic Party, Tennessee College Democrats, Tennessee High School Democrats, and county parties.

Why start a Tennessee Young Democrats chapter?

●  Millennials and Gen Z are the fastest growing voter base and overwhelmingly vote Democratic. Engaging more millennials in the political process is key to electing more Democrats.

●  Young people are fantastic campaign operatives, volunteers, candidates, and issue advocates. We bring unique skill sets and experiences to public service.

●  There are certain barriers of entry to politics that young people uniquely face. We seek to lower those barriers of entry so that more young people can feel engaged in their communities and inspired to make a positive impact on our world.

How is a Tennessee Young Democrats chapter started?

  1. IDENTIFY a couple people who can lead the chartering process.
  2. PLAN AND PROMOTE an informational meeting. It is helpful to create social media accounts for the new chapter and promote the meeting through a Facebook event. Let the TNYD Board know when the meeting will take place so we can promote it and attend!
  3. COMPILE a list of at least 10 founding members. Be sure to get names, dates of birth, phone numbers, emails and home addresses.
  4. DRAFT a constitution for the chapter and hold officer elections.
  5. SEND the TNYD President and Membership Director your member list, constitution, and $5 dues for each member.

Follow us on Facebook at facebook.com/tnyoungdems and Instagram at @tnyoungdems. For more info, click here.