The Giles County Democratic Party is proud to announce a new initiative tailored to young adults all throughout Giles County. Whether you are making your way through middle school or a student at one of our county’s high schools or will soon walk across the graduation stage at UT Southern, the Giles Democratic Party welcomes all Giles Youth to keep an eye out for invitations to participate in our new party initiative – The Student Advocacy Series!
Created to inspire and challenge our youth to be advocates of change through unique conversations, our Student Advocacy Series initiative is a series of table-talk/panel discussions that will be held throughout the academic year of 2023-24.
Ranging from topics like Inclusivity, Diversity, Healthcare, Civic Engagement and many more, local change-makers and organizations from throughout the county/state will be invited to share their stories with students/youth alike and show how they can inspire change within their own communities big or small!
The Giles County Democratic Party is immensely proud to foster such a program here in Giles County, and we simply cannot wait to see what changes await Giles County from the productive conversations that will be had from this initiative!
All are welcome and encouraged to participate in our initiative! To find out more and get updates on planned events, follow us on