The Giles County Democratic Party participated in a statewide initiative by the Tennessee Democratic Party to provide assistance to families in need during the upcoming holiday season. With assistance from the Giles County Youth Services Officer, Dr. Pam Arnell, two families were identified for a confidential donation.

One family consisted of a single parent with a teenage child and the other a single grandparent raising several children ranging in age from elementary to high school.

“These are some of the most humble and grateful families I have met in a long time,” Dr. Arnell said.

The Giles County Democratic Party allocated $300 with an executive committee member contributing an additional $100. Members of the committee purchased enough meats, vegetables, fruits and pantry staples to help each family. Also purchased were cleaning supplies and personal care items.

“Our goal was to make a difference in the upcoming weeks as children will be home during school vacation and more food will be needed,” said Tom Gattis, chairman of the local party. Of course, each family received a ham, hen and everything else necessary to prepare a traditional Thanksgiving dinner, complete with desserts and beverages.

“When I told the grandmother that she was getting the food she cried,” said Dr. Arnell. “I mentioned it included a Thanksgiving meal, and she said, ‘I hadn’t even thought about it this year.'”

Gattis said that the Giles County Democratic Party recognizes that these families represent just a tiny fraction of the many who are in need in Giles County and across the state. “We are very grateful for community organizations that consistently provide food throughout the year,” Gattis said, adding, “It was our honor to help with these specific needs during the holiday season.”

These thank-you notes were sent to the local party from the recipients.