Voter Registration

In-person voter registration is at the Giles County Election Commission Office in the Courthouse Annex at 222 West Madison Street in Pulaski.

Online voter registration through the State of Tennessee can be completed here: Register to Vote.

To become a Registered Voter, you must be at least 18 years old at the time of the next election. You MUST NOT have been convicted of a felony unless you have had your voting rights restored if you have been convicted. You must be a United States citizen. You must live in Tennessee. All voter registrations must be complete at least 30 days prior to the upcoming election in order to vote.

Exercising Your Rights

To exercise your right to vote at the poll either on Election Day or during early voting you must produce a Tennessee Driver License or a Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security Identification or United States Passport or a photo ID issued by the federal or Tennessee state government or US military photo ID or Tennessee handgun carry permit with a photo.

For other voting options click HERE.

Running for Office

A run for office begins with picking up an official petition to have your name placed on the ballot. This is available at the Election Commission. You will need to find registered voters within the district you plan to run to sign the petition to get your name on the ballot.

Different positions may have different qualifications such as a minimum age or a certain type of education and have a requirement to obtain different numbers of signatures. The Election Commission can provide you with a list of these requirements. Petitions for the August Ballot become available in March and the absolute deadline to return a petition to the Election Commission Office is NOT LATER THAN NOON on April 5.


Who Represents You?

Your Representatives are elected based on the District in which you are registered to vote. Finding your Precinct/Voting Place and the District you are in is easy using the State of Tennessee’s online look-up:

Check Registration & Find Your Precinct

The following link will let you see who represents you in the County Commission:

Find My Commission District

The following link lets you find your State of Tennessee House and Senate members:

Find My State Representative

Find My State Senator